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In business, having the right image is an essential ingredient for success. EverGreen Landscape can help your property achieve the positive image you’re looking for. Beyond creating a professional atmosphere, our comprehensive landscaping services can help you save on property management costs. You can rely on our expertise to create a well-maintained, cohesive look on everything—from established properties to brand new construction.

A landscape maintenance plan from EverGreen Landscape will help preserve and enhance your property’s value. Our landscape designers can tailor your surroundings to create a corporate image that will help attract prospective tenants as well as increase employee productivity. Whether you’re a corporate campus or a traditional office park, the benefits are the same—well-manicured turf, colorful displays, and enhanced signage make for a welcoming business environment.

It’s an ultra-competitive world out there, and attracting and retaining tenants is more important than ever. As business is becoming more high tech, having a crisp, well-maintained image both inside and out is an essential component of the successful industrial park. At EverGreen Landscape, we realize the importance of making sure all your landscape goals are met. Studies have shown that morale improves, nuisance crime decreases, and property values are enhanced when an industrial park maintains its aesthetic appearance. Whether you’re a high-tech facility or a more traditional-use park, the benefits are the same—well-manicured turf, colorful displays, and enhanced signage make for a welcoming business environment.

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Start the design process with our award-winning team of landscape designers:

Consultation & Interview

Conceptual Design

CAD Drawings & Color Rendering


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Along with custom landscapes, we specialize in hardscapes, waterscapes and more:

 Brick Paver Driveways
  Patios & Walkways
  Outdoor Living Spaces
  Ponds & Waterfalls
  Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

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Full service residential & commercial maintenance services all year round:

 Lawn & Landscape Maintenance
  Commercial Landscaping
  Turf Care Services
  Tree & Shrub Care
  Snow Management Services

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What to expect from our Commercial Management Plan

Consistent, reliable service

Just like having a key tenant signed to a long-term lease is good for business, presenting a well-maintained appearance day after day and year after year shows that you’re a thriving property to prospective tenants. We’ll keep you looking good.

Crisp, clean streetscapes

What are the first things people see when visiting your property? The streets, medians, and sidewalks. When these are clean and neatly edged, they create an unmistakably professional impression.

Enhanced Signage

We can work with existing signage to create a landscape that draws eyes to it. Where once a sign was passed by without a second look, now prospective tenants are taking notice.

Dynamic Floral Displays

Beyond signage, beautiful and creatively arranged flower beds are a good way to attract tenants. They cultivate a positive feeling with current tenants as well.

Proactive Management

We don’t just maintain what we see in front of us on a particular day, we keep an eye out for any potential problems that may arise in your landscape and bring them to your attention immediately.


Whether it’s visitors to your property or the employees of current tenants, their safety while onsite is always top-of-mind. We keep an eye out for any safety issues, such as unstable, mature trees or old, weakened limbs, to help prevent any potential problems.

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