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The design team at EverGreen Landscape believes in right plant, right place but also that your landscape is a true reflection of your personality and an extension of the architecture it surrounds.

The team at EverGreen listens to you and carefully takes into consideration utilization of the space, color, proportion, focal points, formality vs. informality, diversity in plant selection, ease of maintenance and your comfort level at each stage of the process.

With EverGreen Landscape Associates, the result is invariably what you wished for and more.

The Process

Consultation & Interview

To start exploring your landscape project one of our landscape designers will meet you at your home. The initial meeting is designed to find out about your landscape needs, goals, and how your lifestyle can best be served by EverGreen. Your designer will ask valuable questions, walk around your property, discuss broad ideas, and show picture examples. The goal is to establish a focus for the designer to use as stepping off point.

Conceptual Design

The design portion of the process may be broken into one or many steps depending on the size and depth of the project. The designer will begin with a base map of your home and property and establish key elements such as areas for screening, focal points, and views to enhance. The size of important features such as the patio and walk will be determined. Once the design concept is outlined, the designer may show sketches to establish direction or continue to step three before presenting a final plan.

CAD Drawings & Color Rendering

Once a conceptual landscape plan has been created, the designer will add details to your design using computer aided design software. This design will include a scaled drawing of all landscape elements, and quantities and types of plant material. A quote for materials and services will be prepared based on the plan and may be presented at the same time or separately. The final product includes a hand color rendering which helps to convey the message and brings your landscape to life.


After you feel comfortable with the details of your project, the process of creating your dream landscape begins. Our experienced crews are supported by their foreman, project coordinator and your designer. The crews take steps to prepare your property for ease of disturbance and efficiency. Their high level of skill and work ethic puts the final touches on the landscape and the team approach ensures that your vision becomes a reality.

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