Witch Hazel Spring Fall Display

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Wish you could have more color in your St. Charles landscape design between fall, winter, and spring? We’ve got the solution for you!

Witchhazel isn’t just for medicinal purposes. It is also displays a delightful fall through spring showing in your Chicagoland yard! What’s one of our favorite varieties? We are in love with the Hamamelis Vernalis (pictured above).

Right around the end of February, certain Witchhazel species will even turn a vibrant orange color to contract the dreary winter. Blooming can happen in fall, winter, and early spring with bursts of color in yellow, orange, and red depending on which variety we select! In our St. Charles/Chicagoland area we can select multiple species so you can have alternating flowers show in the fall, early winter blooming, or spring since one plant doesn’t flower for an entire fall through spring.


Do you have a large tree in your yard and have a hard time growing anything underneath? In sizes ranging from shrub to small tree, this plant is perfect for shaded locations where nothing else can last.


+ Looking to add this unique Witchhazel shrub to your yard? >> Ask Becca how. Becca provides design services to Lake County, Cook County, and Will County: From St. Charles to Hampshire, from Barrington to Arlington Heights!


Witch Hazel Bloom In Spring Fall

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Plant Information

Hardiness Zones

The witchhazel is hardy in zones 3–8.

Tree Type

An ornamental shrub planted for color and seasonal interest.

Mature Size

This shrub grows to a height of 15–30′ at maturity.

Growth Speed MediumGrowth Rate

This shrub’s growth is a medium rate.




  • Produces fragrant yellow flowers, each with crumpled petals, from October through December.
  • Can be grown as a shrub or small tree.


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