The Perfect Christmas Yard. Make your landscape list and check it twice!

Because Chicago “winter” lasts 6 months of the year, it’s not fair that we only get to enjoy our backyards half the year! Discover what winter enhancements to add so you can enjoy your outdoors 12 months of the year. Here’s how you can plan a perfect wintertime landscape.

EverGreen Landscape Winter

Holiday Landscaping Blueprint

It is possible to create the perfect yard that absolutely celebrates wintertime. Imagine intricate Boxwood shrubs all in a row framing your walk to your front door. Pictures red berries dangling like ornaments from nearby Crab Apple trees. We know the perfect tree and shrub combinations that hold the weight of Chicago snowfall well and display your holiday lights.

Green, All Year Round

Growing green English Ivy can be planted to cover bare winter ground. We know the perfect variety that grow more woody and thus more durable against insects and disease. The English ivy is nice because it can be maintained in the summer using a small amount of roundup on weeds growing within the ground cover that won’t kill the ivy. The majority of other groundcover that lasts in the winter will have purple or reddish tinges during the late season/winter! There are even some preferred Spruce varieties that produce the beautiful winter pine cones that everyone loves to collect and use for holiday decorations.

In November and December, before the snow sets, these elements stand strong in their colors and fullness. And once the snow season lands, these create the perfect frame for white snowflakes.

An Outdoor Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a true Christmas celebration, consider adding a perfect Christmas tree to your yard. We get lots of requests to have these added so the family can decorate it with lights and ornaments! Not only does it screen year round, but it adds a nice holiday tradition and illumination to your landscape.

Request A Holiday Design Blueprint

Ask us for a Holiday Design Blueprint, we will come out to your location and draft a complete seasonal prescription for your outdoors! That way you won’t miss one second of the festivities when you entertain and watch the snow quietly falling late at night.

Make Your Yard Distraction Proof!

As you sit in your living room looking out your front window, do you gaze onto your neighbor’s driveway and cars? This is one of the top requested items to “hide” we get from our clients. Does your front yard lack the color and shape you fell in love with this past June? Grab a pen and make note of all the bare areas you see in your yard right now to make your view free from outside neighborhood distractions.

Privacy Barriers

Based on where your living room or kitchen window faces and the location of the unwanted view, we audit your layout and design recommendations for privacy barriers. These can be from half-privacy elements such as tall grasses, to complete blocking Arborvitae. We set year-round elements close to your windows or out along your property as a natural barrier between you and the road. You may even consider what unsightly branches or trees have become overgrown and block the view you’d love to have!

We especially love creating ground work with different colored stonework to look at in the winter time as well. When we have finished our installation, the stones and boulders covers space and height so the landscape displays more than bare ground, but instead a beautiful outcropping. Last, but not least, is our selection of evergreen weeping bonsai shaped Spruces. These create absolutely beautiful focal features for your front yard that stand out from the crown especially in winter.

Notice Your Neighbors? Design Your Privacy In Winter.

Now is the time to start dreaming for spring and all the delightful elements you’d love to add, but it is also the time to consider if your landscape is winter proof! Take a look out your back window right now. Did the once full bushes and trees now reveal your neighbor’s patio and children’s plastic playset?

We have the perfect privacy grasses for you! With some selections growing to heights of 8 feet tall, many of of these grasses have beautiful plums on top that sway in the wind.

If you are looking for an in-between seasonal tree, we always highly recommend pear and oak trees. Since these take longer to drop their leaves, they provide that extra set of screening into the fall and some winter season.



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