Dwarf Korean Lilac

This May, the perfect shrub in bloom is the Dwarf Korean Lilac!

Ideal for limited spaces, this beautiful shrub/tree blooms in the spring and gives off a one of the strongest scents in the lilac family – perfect for a front door entrance! This is an unstandard plant which means it can be pruned as an adorned miniature tree.  When you need a smaller focal point in your front yard, that is lifted higher, these are a good blooming specimen to add. 

Other trees or shrubs can become overgrown, but these won’t block your front door or cover the whole walk way. Blooming a little later than a common lilacs, these bloom in May or at the end of May depending on the season. With a decent fall color as well, these produce purple leaves just like the Miscanthus Grass. 

Dwarf Korean Lilac Plant Information

Hardiness Zones

Hardy in zones 3–7

Plant Type

Full sun, flowering shrub


Height of 5-6′

Garden Uses

  • Produces purple flowers
  • Attractive scent
  • Perfect for small spaces or containers
  • Slow growth rate


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Credit: Pinterest | longrealty | vizdecor | business insider | pinimg | azlandscapecreations | syonpress | freshpatio