Landscape Design Landscape Design Tip Series: There are a lot of decisions to make during a landscaping project — a lot more than you may realize. It’s all about how you plan to use your outdoor living space (and the landscaping choices that come as a result).

Here are four common lifestyle preferences that reveal why a landscape design is necessary before the first hole is dug.

1. You plan on eating outdoors.

This may change furniture choices or locations of patio to better flow with the kitchen. It might also impact how changes in elevation are planned for  less stairs make it easier to get food down to a table.


Landscape Design Outdoor Entertaining BBQ

2. You love parties and entertaining large groups.

How many people do you envision fitting on the patio? We may design the patio with the immediate family in mind with space to spill out to the grass for larger groups. Usually people don’t design for that once-a-year party, but that might be important to some.

Landscape Design Outdoor Entertaining

3. Your family enjoys outdoor sports activities.

This can let us know the level of time spent outside as well as leaving room for that volleyball net or baseball diamond. Some people care little about lawn space or have little time to be home because their activities take them elsewhere.

Landscape Design Low Maintenance

4. You want low maintenance.

This has to be asked with caution as it can sound snarky … everyone has a different definition of “low maintenance,” but everyone seems to want it. You might think 2 hours per week is too much time to spend watering, weeding, and caring for your lawn. However, if we suggest keeping perennials to a minimum to cut down on maintenance you might realize you don’t want to sacrifice color and are willing to spend a little more time.




Landscape Design Curb Appeal Before and After

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