4 Huge Landscape Design Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Landscape design is a journey between your vision, detailed planning, and the shovel and pickup truck. There is a process there with steps that may not be evident.

If you’re thinking of starting a landscaping project, don’t fall into the common pitfalls that others do. Here are the top four mistakes people make (and how to avoid them, with our help).

1. Wait Too Late to Start Planning

When birds start chirping in May and you head out to your garden for groundskeeping, you start to think about how nice it would be to have work done in your backyard. That’s when you call your landscaper and discover it is a longer process than expected. Sometimes you can’t wait that long.

The typical landscape design project takes between 3-6 weeks, so if you want something ready for June, you have to plan 8 weeks out. If there is a hard deadline for a family BBQ or child’s graduation party, you should call us when first making those plans.

How to Avoid

By June and July, landscaping design projects fill up quickly and can take longer because of demand on resources. Though it is counter-intuitive, and the weather might not be as nice, we recommend you book your summer projects during February, March, and April. Note: if you call in April, it will still be hard to get something done by Memorial Day weekend. Late fall is another great time for projects, too.



2. Don’t Think Design is Needed

“If there is nothing in the backyard shouldn’t it be simple to turn that into something I can use for entertaining?”

It’s not always that easy.

There are a lot of decisions to make during a landscaping project — a lot more than you may realize.

  • Do you plan to eat outside?
  • How often do you entertain large groups?
  • What activities does your family enjoy?  
  • How much time/budget do you want to spend on maintenance?  

These are just some of the questions that you may not initially think about. The answers to each should be explored and added to a design before the first hole is dug.

How to Avoid

This will sound familiar: start early! You’ll get more individual attention and input into your project. There is not as much of a rush in the colder months, so we can include things such as unique 3D drafting, which really helps if you are having trouble making decisions.

What makes us different than other landscaping companies? We invest in the planning stages and make sure you get a finished product you’ll love. We listen and understand your wants even before the first design draft for your project. The right design comes when you spend the time to make sure it‘s right each step of the way.

3. Don’t Think Holistically

Your lifestyle and home’s architecture are just as important to landscaping as your tastes and preferences. A perfect space is all about the look, feel, flow, and purpose. And how the space matches up with your everyday life.

How to Avoid

That’s why we like to meet in person to make choices that compliment your lifestyle. The design process is all about blending your vision with materials and style. Is your space formal, non formal, or native gardening? Do you have a patio, chairs, tables, and other furniture to match. Are you renovating other areas of your home? We coordinate with your renovate team to blend design of the patio, fireplace, windows, and outdoor areas.

4. Forget About Surveys, Laws, Associations, and Local Permits

Did you know …  most landscape projects require a plat of survey? This is necessary to analyze your property lines.

Did you know … if your house is in an association, there are rules related to renovations and landscaping projects that all members must follow? If you don’t you run the risk of having to redo your designs when the association reviews them.

Did you know … permits might also be needed to complete some projects? This can add extra time, especially if you don’t have experience working with the local government or know area architectural laws.

How to Avoid

There is where we take the burden your shoulders. We have experience with permits, laws, and surveys and handle everything before the process even starts.  

We obtain permits for you. If you can’t find your plat of survey, we can help obtain a copy from your local city hall. Or, if you haven’t had one, we have to point them to a surveyor. We also help with Homeowners Associations and fill out paperwork for you in the process.

Some other companies tell YOU to get the permit and YOU have to figure out how to get permission from your Homeowners Association. We know that can be extra daunting. Our goal from beginning to end is to make your life easier, give you a beautiful outdoors you can enjoy for years to come, and take away the stress of what these types of projects can frequently bring.

Ready to Start Your Next Landscaping Project?

From renovating someone’s existing landscape to working with someone who is building a brand new space, and creating a whole new outdoor environment. As licensed artifacts and designers and maintenance we are looking to do the whole project. We do the hardscape, lighting, pool installation, tree management, irrigation. Get in contact with us here >


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