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The benefits of landscaping lighting is it helps extend your lighting to the yard and lets you enjoy the outside for as long as you want. Landscape lighting also provides exterior home security, comfort, and visual aid for your back and front yard.

Usually accent and task lighting are great techniques to start with when choosing fixtures for your yard. You want to select fixtures that allow you to move around safely and provide an efficient light source that allows you to do what you have to outside the home. Try not to choose bulbs that glare too intensely and stay away from fixtures that will create light pollution. Light pollution creates unwanted glares for your neighbors, during your outdoor experience, and into the sky. A good start for your landscape lighting design are with low-voltage systems. These type of lighting fixtures are extremely versatile in use and help prevent light pollution. A successful lighting design for your landscape should be functional and aesthetically pleasing at anytime of the day and night.

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