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6 Patio Design Features You Might Not Know You Could Add

Here in the Chicagoland, outdoor patios are a great way to increase your living space year round (Especially when you go to sell your home!) — and it brings the whole family outdoors, making your home that much better. Here are six of our […]

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    4 Reasons to Design Before You Start Landscaping – Landscape Design

4 Reasons to Design Before You Start Landscaping – Landscape Design

Landscape Design Tip Series: There are a lot of decisions to make during a landscaping project — a lot more than you may realize. It’s all about how you plan to use your outdoor living space (and the landscaping choices that come as a […]

4 Huge Landscape Design Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Landscape Design Tip Series: Landscaping design is a journey between your vision, detailed planning, and the shovel and pickup truck. There is a process there with steps that may not be evident.

If you’re thinking of starting a landscaping design project, don’t fall into the […]

Best time of day to water your lawn

The a.m. is the best time to water the lawn because the air is cooler and there’s usually not much wind to blow the droplets. In the middle of the day, water evaporates too quickly. And in the evenings, water can cling to the […]

What’s the best type of fruit tree to grow?

There’s nothing better than picking fresh fruit from your own backyard. So why not consider a fruit tree of your own?

Most fruit trees are best grown from grafted trees that cost $25 to $35 each. But with peaches, nectarines and apricots, you can cut […]