EverGreen Landscape Associates opened its doors for business in the spring of 1995. At that time, the company consisted only of Bob Stell and one installation crew. Bob’s primary goal was to have a top rated full service landscape company that excelled in customer service. In 1995, the company’s capability included installation of plant material, grading, sodding and seeding.

As the economy grew in the late 1990’s, EverGreen grew along with it and so did the company’s list of services. According to Bob, “Initially, we had not intended to do lawn maintenance but as we did our installations, our clients were so happy with our service that they wanted us to maintain their properties as well so we started a maintenance division.” Luckily for EverGreen, Mickey Bittenbender joined the company in 1999. He now heads up a ten crew maintenance division. They have a specially designed spray truck and several account managers.

The landscape construction side of the business began with installation of pavers, bluestone and low voltage lighting. As time passed EverGreen refined their installation and design practices. The crews became more proficient at installing various types of hardscape materials from honed bluestone counter tops to reclaimed (100 year old) street pavers in driveways in addition to arbors and pergolas. Our design capabilities grew too! Initial simple front yard designs eventually became elaborate entire property projects with waterfalls, fireplaces and even outdoor kitchens. Our front entry designs include the flow and function of the driveway, the front walk and the flow in and out of the garage and are further enhanced by the type of paving materials we use on those surfaces.

Today, EverGreen is a top rated and stable, full service landscape company. EverGreen remains committed to giving clients the exceptional customer service that they expect and deserve.


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